Direction for the future: promotion through sustainable materials

Sustainable products are what we’re talking about today. The collective impact on the environment has become a strong motivation for consumers in recent years. Sustainability is in the trends recorded by market research company EuroMonitor in both 2019 and 2020. Consumers expect to contribute to a healthier environment through the products they buy. With minimal effort, consumers want to help reduce pollution, reduce non-recyclable waste and ultimately save the planet.
According to an Oxfam survey, 62% of consumers will stop buying a brand’s products if they are harmful to the environment.

What eco-friendly advertising means

Eco-friendly advertising refers to selling products or services based on their environmental benefits. These products may be environmentally friendly in themselves or the production process is carried out in an environmentally responsible way. Through eco-friendly advertising campaigns, these benefits are communicated to customers. Eco-friendly advertising is a very inspiring way to showcase your ethical practices and environmentally responsible processes. At the same time, sustainability can also be an inspiring approach to advertising campaigns, all the more so because it gives you the opportunity to directly involve consumers in a mission: to protect the environment together.

What eco-friendly promotional products you can offer

Depending on the specifics of your business and your target audience, you can offer eco-friendly promotional products such as:

  • Recycled paper diaries – these are easy to print with your company logo or with different messages that can encourage recycling and sustainable actions.
  • Soaps made from natural ingredients – to get a 100% eco-friendly product, make sure the packaging is made from recyclable material.
  • Soy wax candles – are a clean, chemical-free alternative to the classic paraffin candles – a substance derived from oil and coal.

Sustainable ways to promote your business

1. You can opt for digital versions of your advertising materials, and print materials can only be given to certain customers.

2. Choose recyclable materials when ordering flyers or leaflets to promote your business.

3. Also opt for recyclable materials when choosing packaging for your product.

Digital signage displays are a very popular way of promoting your brand, making it a real landmark in the city. The main advantages of these displays are that they are long-lasting, highly functional, cost-effective and eco-friendly.
With digital signage displays, you can communicate anytime, to anyone, repeatedly, which improves communication flow from the start. And what’s shown on the display can be updated instantly, so you won’t need to use up paper to get your new message across.

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