Floor stand – a powerful marketing tool due to its versatility

Floor standul

Marketing tools are essential for products or services. Brand identity is built over time, and all identification elements – such as logo, name, slogan – there are all a very important part in terms of visibility.

For customers to buy a product, they must see it, recognize it, arouse their interest. How? By identifying and designing the most appropriate advertising tools for that project. When we talk about a stand for the presentation and sale of products in the supermarket, for example, we definitely have the floor stand.

The floor stand is a powerful marketing tool due to its versatility and which makes an extremely large contribution to the visibility of a product and to increasing sales. In this article, we aimed to help you understand how and for what type of products the floor stand can be useful as a promotional tool.

Where should you place a floor stand?

The floor stand is most often placed in supermarkets, in crowded areas, such as the main aisle of the store or near the shelf where products from a targeted category are sold. If it is strategically placed, it has a high chance to attract the customers’ attention.

You can choose to promote a new product from your brand’s portfolio or a promotional offer using a floor stand. The colors, fonts used to create the floor stand, as well as the other visual elements, must be chosen very carefully to achieve the final goal: increasing the visibility of the product. And then sale.

Why are design services important?

The design of a floor stand is as important as its placement, because the way the advertising stand looks will convince potential customers to turn their attention to it. So, you need a broad concept: what shape the stand will have, what messages, how you present your products so that you have interest from the public. The purpose of an advertising floor stand will be to anchor the image of your product in the customer’s memory, so that finally the sales process takes place.

In this sense, at BT Production we can help you with consultancy, with creative ideas adapted to your type of project and also with the design and placement of the floor stand, as you imagine it.

Product promotion design services are an essential part of an advertising campaign. Branding strategies are built starting from ideas, but their implementation is the final step in the process of transforming your brand, or your product, into a visible and striking presence for the target audience.

At BT Production you will find specialists in advertising production who are always ready to help you with ideas or come with new ones.

What advantages does the use of floor stands offer?

Floor stands are very versatile and can be made from various materials, such as cardboard, wood, metal or plastic, in all kinds of shapes and sizes. There is no floor stand imagined by you that we cannot design at BT Production. Most often, care products and food a re promoted on floor stands. So if you have an idea in mind for a future promotion project, we are waiting for you in order to “bring it to life”.


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