Is exhibition stand design important? Here are some effective methods by which you highlight your exhibition stand

design-ul standurilor expoziționale

Participation in events such as exhibitions or fairs is a “must” for the visibility of your business. You are probably wondering if your field of activity lends itself to having an exhibition stand and how you will promote yourself through it. The first step is to set no limits. Exhibition systems are marketing tools with the help of which you can present your products or services to a fairly large number of people, thus increasing your brand in the market.

But what will your exhibition stand look like, how do you highlight it, how do you make it attractive to potential customers? At BT Production we help you put your vision into practice and we also offer you consultancy, creative ideas and practical solutions, adapted to the profile of your business and the event you are participating in. Through an expo stand you will have the opportunity to meet your customers and interact with them. Tell them your story, share your experiences. It’s all about getting them to step on your doorstep.

With the help of BT Production, you will benefit from a high-quality exhibition system with an attractive design that will not go unnoticed by visitors. We offer you, first of all, solutions adapted to your company’s profile and we create that exhibition stand customized and adjusted to the type of event you are going to take part in.

Recommended places for exhibition stands

Where and when is it recommended to place exhibition stands? Because it’s an effective way to promote your brand and stand out in the industry, you’ll go to trade shows and exhibitions. They are open to a large audience, and your chances of becoming visible in the market as a brand increase significantly. You can attract new customers who may not have heard of the products or services you offer. You will get feedback and you will definitely be talked about. To understand more exactly what it means to have an exhibition stand at a fair, here are some examples:

  • Exhibition stand at a medical symposium if you are active in the pharma industry.
  • Exhibition stand at a technology fair if you want to display your latest products and inventions.
  • Exhibition stand at a wine exhibition if you are a wine producer or at a handmade fair if you have a business where you create jewelry, decorations or any other type of such items. 

These are just a few examples of recommended places to set up an exhibition stand and what types of businesses can be promoted this way. Of course, the fields are extremely varied. Learn more here about why your brand should be present at fairs and exhibitions that involve a large audience.

The most important steps for organizing an exhibition stand

After you have obtained the plan of the space where you are going to display your offers, the BT Production team comes to meet you with all the necessary steps for setting up a customized exhibition stand. From creative concept, design, production to delivery, assembly/dismantling at the event site, transport and subsequent storage.

You, as the ambassador of your own brand and your own company, are responsible for setting up all the details of participating in an exhibition fair. We take care of the creation, customization and implementation of your stand. At BT Production, we make exhibition stands for any type of event and any size. We offer you:

  • Expo stand concept
  • Stand production
  • Realization of customized modular stands
  • Identifying the best positions for stand signage
  • Stand assembly
  • Stand dismantling at the end of the event
  • Transport / storage

What elements make an exhibition stand outstanding?

Stands and exhibition systems aim to attract as many people as possible to enquire, learn more information and ultimately buy your product. Generally, at such fairs and exhibitions, potential customers have the opportunity to see and test a product that they may have heard about on the Internet or from friends. For example, if you are part of the pharma industry and want to promote a dermatocosmetic product, you can invite the public to various demonstrations or offer free samples. The purpose of the exhibition stand is to highlight the brand by exposing it to the public.

BT Production helps you get the exhibition stand customized to your needs, with an attractive design and elements to identify your brand in the market:

  • Shapes, colors, lighting, the logo, the slogan – all to highlight the brand in the best possible way.
  • Quality materials to support the idea of professionalism.
  • Original design, with complete and complex elements.
  • “That unique something” with which to attract customers, which no other competitor has.

Standing out from a variety of brands participating in a trade show can be quite difficult. You need graphics, design and implementation specialists, i.e. the BT Production team. We identify your needs and put them into practice so that you have visibility, increase your popularity and thus succeed in attracting as many customers as possible. We are waiting for you with the most creative ideas and the best offers!


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