Outdoor advertising – a great option for promoting your brand

Publicitatea outdoor

A brand needs visibility, whether it is new on the market or is already known to the public. There are many strategies for increasing the notoriety of a brand and their success means attracting the right customers. How? Using all ad production options.

The outdoor design services provided by BT Production can strengthen the presence of the brand in the market. Depending on the specifics of your project, the reality of billboards and light boxes, up to digital signage. There are many methods to represent and promote a brand, but the first step is choosing the best promotion strategies for your products, depending on their specifics.

Outdoor advertising

Billboard – The most popular outdoor advertising tool. On the street, in public transport stations or on roads with intense traffic, they are able to attract the attention of a considerable number of passers-by. And the bigger and more visible from a distance is, the faster the message you want to convey will reach the audience.

Large-sized print is the ideal method for large-scale promotion. It ensures visibility and generates brand awareness.

BT Production offers large print design services, with printing on any type of material: paper, polyplane, sticker, glass, bond, textile materials, polypropylene, solid PVC boards or wooden boards. We only use UV resistant ink so it won’t deteriorate.

Advantages of billboards?

  • They attract the attention of a large number of potential customers
  • It ensures brand exposure on a large scale
  • It generates brand awareness

Promoting your brand through outdoor services can also be done through customized signage elements.

Light boxes – They are permanently visible through LED lighting, day and night. They have a strong impact and the ability to attract attention.

The advantages of light boxes?

  • Ensures permanent illumination
  • They are durable, versatile and have low costs
  • They are visible from different angles

Lining & Decoration – This design service can be done both indoors and outdoors. For outdoor advertising, there is the option of decorating windows and shop windows, as well as wrapping cars with visual elements of your brand.

Advantages for lining and decorating?

  • Immediate visual impact
  • Low costs

Digital signage – a modern solution in advertising production, which uses digital screens through which images, texts or video materials are played. With the help of LCD and LED technologies, on a screen, advertising spots, information about a new product or a promotional offer can be transmitted to potential customers.

The advantages of digital signage?

  • Information, images and video clips can be exchanged and updated in real time
  • Moving images on digital screens instantly attract attention.

The advantages of outdoor advertising

Considered classic methods of advertising, outdoor design services come with many advantages and can be successfully integrated into the strategy of promoting a product or service. Why?

  • Outdoor advertising has exposure time 24 hours a day, 7/7, and this will bring notoriety
  • The message is exposed on a large scale and will reach a large audience repeatedly
  • Well-placed billboards cannot be avoided from a visual point of view
  • Consumers are drawn to size, color and graphics
  • The costs for outdoor advertising can be lower compared to other promotion methods.

At BT Production we offer full design services in advertising production and draw on 17 years of experience in the industry. Your project will take shape in the hands of our specialists


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