Promotion brings visibility, and with visibility, your brand becomes known to a large number of consumers. Display solutions are considered among the most effective marketing tools, thanks to the countless ways they can deliver visibility for your brand. Display solutions can be developed in relation to all the unique features and specific details of your project.

Floor display

These units are used in retail spaces, especially supermarkets, and are customised product displays for viewing and purchasing. Thanks to the possibility of independent fixing, they can be mounted anywhere on the floor of the retail space, preferably in high traffic areas. The main advantage of a floor display is the increased visibility of the product on display, especially as an item is more likely to be purchased when displayed individually rather than alongside other products. Another advantage of a floor display is that it can be any shape and size, so it can be easily adapted. They can be made of cardboard, metal, plastic or wood, and usually the products promoted are food and care products.

Counter display

A counter display unit is a stand that is usually placed next to the cash register of a shop to encourage customers to buy a particular product. They are usually made of cardboard, acrylic, metal, plastic or wood, or even a combination of these materials. The choice of material depends mainly on the type of product you want to promote. The main advantage of a counter display is that it gives a high level of visibility to a product in a place where customers can spend a lot of time and where their attention can be easily captured: near the checkout. Unlike floor display units, they take up less space, but the two types of units have in common the variety of materials from which they can be made. A well-designed counter display can lead to spontaneous purchases of the displayed product.

Display island

This display unit provides an optimal presentation of a product, which can be viewed from any angle. A display island is usually positioned in an open area of a shopping centre (such as the entrance to a shop) or in an exhibition space. Many brands opt for such a display to draw attention to newly introduced products or products in promotional campaigns. This unit can be extremely effective as a sales tool, as it quickly attracts the attention of potential customers, who spend more time studying the products on display. Display islands can be made of cardboard, wood, metal or plastic, and they can also be fitted with classic or active lighting systems to highlight the products on display. The direction, intensity and pattern of the active lights can be controlled by commands or signals. Display islands can also benefit from interactive sound systems, so that customers can enjoy the promoted product through a whole experience.

Sampling stand

Sampling stands are a great way to promote products. They offer the opportunity to try out a particular product, which greatly increases the chances of it being purchased. They are made of lightweight materials (plastic or cardboard), allowing easy assembly and disassembly of component parts. Sampling stands can be customised for each type of product and are the ideal choice for different campaigns or presentations. They can be made in different shapes, with customised prints and lighting systems that highlight product features. Through sampling stands, customers get in touch not only with the product being promoted but also with the brand itself.

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