The most effective strategies by which you can develop your brand awareness

notorietatea brandului

The notoriety of a brand is built over time, and the visual and identification elements (name, logo, slogan, colors, shapes) are essential and represent a fundamental starting point in this process. To become popular with the public, any product or service needs to be promoted. Advertising is the component with which you can most easily reach a potential customer, whether you do it online or offline.

For your business to thrive, it’s important to sell. In order to sell, it is not enough to have a product or service, you also have to expose it. The easiest way to “enter” the mind of the public you are addressing is through advertising.

The first step is to identify the right promotion methods for your brand, and BT Production can really help you with that. In this material we review the most effective ways you can develop your brand awareness:

Light box

Outdoor advertising remains one of the main strategies for promoting a brand, and the light box is the element that guarantees visibility 24 hours a day, in the light or in the dark. Placed in strategic areas, the boxes attract the attention of the general public and help you develop your brand awareness. A creative design and a well-constructed message will serve as identifiers for your product or service.


Among the most effective strategies in the outdoor area is the billboard. It is enough to do an exercise and go to a crowded area, then look around. You will find that there are numerous billboards, including those of brands already known on the market. Because they are visual elements located in areas with very high traffic, they cannot go unnoticed. Precisely for this reason, they are suitable both for consolidating an already popular brand and for a new one, with the idea of making it known to the public from scratch. There are also directional panels, which guide the customer to quickly reach the point where he can purchase the advertised product.

Banners placed in public transport stations, near shopping centers or in busy intersections also belong to the category of outdoor advertising. All can be elements that help to achieve the goal of developing brand awareness. How do you see this? In the growing percentage of sales and in brand recall, i.e. the extent to which the consumer of a product remembers the name of the brand of which that product is a part.

Printed materials

Like billboards, printed materials also serve an essential function for most businesses. They can be an effective means of promoting a service or product, and an inspired design is essential in attracting customers and developing brand awareness.

Floor display

Floor displays are most commonly used in commercial spaces, especially in supermarkets. They are those personalized stands for products intended for their viewing and purchase. Their purpose is to be as visible as possible to customers, which is why they are mounted in strategic places, on shop floors. Being presented individually, not on a shelf alongside numerous other products, the item promoted with the help of a floor display has a higher chance of being seen. It can be made of cardboard, metal, plastic or wood and can have any shape and size, so that it can be easily and creatively adapted to the brand and the product to be promoted in this way. Products from the food and care categories are most often on a floor display. 

Exhibition stands

To exist as a brand, you must be visible in the market and, preferably, stand out with something authentic: a logo, an advertising spot, a packaging design. Once you have all these elements, use them to make an exhibition stand with which to participate in events with a large audience, such as fairs or exhibitions. Because we are talking about a large number of people who take part in such events, generally interested in a certain niche, the chance to increase the notoriety of your brand is directly proportional. The goal is to attract people to your stand, interact with them and provide them with experiences, not just a simple product.

Although the Internet has taken over a good part of the promotion strategies, traditional means remain as effective and blend perfectly with online ones. Building a brand image requires being present in the market and developing complex strategies addressed to your target audience. The more you are present online and outdoors, the more your brand will gain notoriety and the more prosperous your business will become.


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