Why brand presence at trade fairs and exhibitions is essential

Depending on the specifics of your business, an effective way to promote your brand and connect with other representatives of your industry is to attend trade fairs and exhibitions. These types of events are a good opportunity to directly address the public interested in the services and products your company offers. It’s also an effective way of creating brand awareness.

What are the benefits of participating in trade fairs and exhibitions?

1. Exhibitions are open to a large audience, which makes them a good platform to promote your products and services, including to people who previously had no information about your business. At the same time, these events are a good context for participants to test your product, depending on the nature of your business. This way, you will be able to find out first-hand what potential customers think of the product you offer.

2. Trade fairs create a lasting impression. The main purpose of these events is to encourage interaction between attendees and representatives of participating companies. With a well-designed stand, promotional materials or raffles, you will create an experience that will stay in the memory of potential customers.

3. Exhibitions and fairs are true marketing events. When you want to influence the buying decision, nothing is more effective than face-to-face interaction. These events provide an opportunity to connect with guests and customers.

4. One of the most important advantages of attending exhibitions and fairs is the presence of a large audience, especially if we are talking about national or international exhibitions. Everyone who visits your stand is a potential customer.

5. Trade fairs and expos are the perfect opportunity to sell directly to customers, without intermediaries. They also give you the opportunity to interact with customers and possibly get feedback on the spot.

How to choose the display system that will make you stand out at fairs and trade shows?

It’s trade fair season. If your business profile is suited to attending these types of events, then you need to consider that a well-chosen display system will definitely make you stand out.
With BT Production, you’ll have a high-quality, attractively designed display system that won’t go unnoticed by visitors.

We provide you with creative and practical ideas tailored to your company profile and create exhibition stands based on your ideas and adapted to the event you are about to attend.

You can choose from BT Production’s proposals:

  • Display solutions to promote your brand, products and services your business offers through expo display services.
  • roll-up expo systems: if you want your brand to be represented in this way, you need to know that roll-up expo systems are easy to set up, dismantle and relocate.
  • Complete exhibition stands: if you have already chosen your event where your company can get maximum visibility, then all you have to do is opt for a customised, attractive and durable exhibition stand.

Read more about BT Production’s exhibition systems here!


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