Promotional Items

Promotional Items

The engraving of objects with logos, mottos or brand-defining messages is part of the portfolio of services we offer. We know how important these promotional materials are too, and we make sure we always stock a range of items that can take your brand message out into the world.

Benefits of promotional items

Can be targeted to a variety of audiences

Ensures long-term message promotion

Audiences tend to keep printed items

Are memorable

Can be personalised by message, audience category or context

Creates brand awareness

When is it important to offer promotional items?

• At an official event, to promote a campaign or a brand

• When launching a product or concept

• When you want to build customer/employee loyalty

• At trade fairs or exhibitions

Promotional products

Office promotional

You can offer your customers practical promotional materials. We invite you to consult our catalogues, with lots of samples!

Multimedia promotional products

You can make yourself stand out to your partners and customers by offering them multimedia promotional items.

Consumable promotional

You can develop your relationship with your customers through consumable promotional items. The effect of a chocolate with a unique message can be surprising. Don't hesitate to try it!

Hostess equipment and masksS

An effective way to establish a direct communication link between consumers and the product is to create a mascot. In marketing terms, a mascot is a character, a personified image that becomes a symbolic representation of a brand. At the same time, hostess costumes are another effective way to promote your brand.

Advantages of using mascots

Both mascots and hostesses are an effective way for a brand to express its personality.
Characters usually reflect the brand’s main characteristic, which they express quickly and effectively.

The brand becomes memorable and recognisable

Most of us remember images more than text. Mascots are noticeable, memorable and recognisable. They all help create brand awareness and can become the voice and personality of a brand.

They can represent the voice and personality of a brand

Both mascots and hostesses are an effective way for a brand to express its personality. Created characters usually reflect the main feature of your business, which they express quickly and efficiently.

Create an emotion

The emotional factor has a big say when making the decision to purchase a particular product. A mascot or hostess can provide a certain mood or emotion that the potential customer can resonate with.

Other advantages:

Helps build brand and increase sales

Promotional activities come to life

Personalises the brand

Differentiates products

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