Rules and working rules during the pandemic

Rules implemented within BT Production Group SRL for the activity during the alert state and before the complete reopening of activity.

The administrator is responsible for the implementation of the rules described below regarding the activity within the company during the alert state and during the Covid-19 pandemic as well as for the observance of protective measures during the activity.

The company administrator shall keep records of the team members who are to work in the agency’s premises and shall ensure that all team members have been promptly trained on the health protection rules and the rules of conduct within the agency, including the contents of these regulations.

The company manager will ensure that a regular assessment is carried out on the role of team members and the possible need for some of them to work at the premises or on extended telecommuting.

The company manager shall draw up, if necessary, a staggered work schedule for team members (including a record of those travelling by public transport, i.e. personal car or bicycle), so as to avoid overcrowding at common arrival/departure times.

The company administrator will plan the seating of team members in the offices in such a way as to keep a distance of 2 metres between any two people.

Health protection measures and professional conduct at the agency’s premises during the alert state

Team members are advised to bring as few items as possible from home, to keep their personal belongings at the office in a separate, personal space and to take home as few items as possible from the office.

Disinfectant-soaked mats and disinfectant dispersers are placed at the entrance to the office. Team members will ensure that they disinfect themselves when entering the agency. Disinfectant dispersers are placed on each floor so that team members disinfect their hands at the entrance and as often as possible during the working day.

On each floor there are litter bins with lids in which used disinfectant wipes, masks and any other used protective material are disposed.

Thermometers are available at the entrance to the premises so that each member of the team will measure their temperature on arrival. Those who record a temperature above

37.3 degrees will not be allowed to enter the office. They will go home and notify their GP. Each team member will be responsible for disinfecting the thermometer with a special tissue after use.

Team members are advised to measure their temperature before leaving home and in case of a temperature equal or higher than 37.3 not to leave the house and to contact the family doctor.

Protective masks are available at the entrance. After use, the masks should be disposed of in the special waste bins with lids.

The agency’s sanitary facilities are regularly disinfected during the day. They have both soap and hand sanitizers. Team members are advised to wash their hands as often as possible during the working day and to use paper towels or hand towels. It is recommended to avoid automatic or electric hand dryers.

Agency members should sit at their desks in such a way as to keep a distance of 2 metres between any two people at all times.

The agency’s terrace is recommended as the only place for recreation and smoking (to avoid crowding on the sidewalk of the streets in front of and near the agency). Members of the agency must keep a minimum distance of 2 metres from any other person on the terrace.

No food is allowed at the tables or in other common areas. Food may only be consumed in the agency cafeteria, individually and in such a way as to maintain social distance. Only disposable cutlery, plates or glasses may be used – these must be disposed of promptly after use.

A maximum of 4 people will be present in the cafeteria at any one time and they must be at least 2 metres away from any other person.

Members of the agency will take care to disinfect the table at which they are seated in the cafeteria or on the terrace, whenever they have used these tables.

Agency members will clean/disinfect their table on arrival and departure. On departure, the work table shall be cleared of all objects (except monitors and telephones) so that the work surface can be cleaned/disinfected daily by the staff. Agency members are encouraged to disinfect all surfaces they touch.

Cleaning and sanitizing is done every morning before the start time. The entire premises, work areas and common areas are fully disinfected on a weekly basis.

Agency members will not be stationed in the reception and common areas, taking care to maintain a social distance at all times of interaction.

The air conditioning system is regularly disinfected and can be used when keeping the windows closed on each floor. However, we recommend closing the air conditioning and keeping the windows open or airing each floor as often as possible, for good oxygenation of the workspace at all times.

Agency members should take care not to hold internal (or visiting) meetings with more than three participants. Meetings will be held with a distance of 2 metres between any two people.

Meetings held in meeting rooms will last a maximum of 45 minutes. Team members will be responsible for airing the room at the end of the meeting. Cleaning staff will regularly disinfect the meeting rooms.

Visitors will be respectfully requested to use the disinfectant mat and disperser at the entrance, to wear a mask, to measure their temperature and to keep a distance of 2 meters from any other person.

The agency provides masks for visitors.

Visitors with a temperature above 37.3 degrees will be respectfully requested to postpone their visit and contact their family doctor.

For the smooth flow of travel at times of interaction we remind you of the rules of courtesy that may prove important at this time to avoid breaching social distance:

When meeting in a doorway, priority is given to those going out. Only then does the person entering have priority.

On a staircase, priority is given to those going down.

In stairwells, hallways, sidewalks and in general in common areas, you walk on the right side.

On a bus, metro or tram, those getting off have priority. Then get on. Get off on the right, get on on the right.

In a wide space enclosure or in queues or in spaces with barriers/rotating bollards, travel clockwise.

During this period we will avoid handshakes, cordial hugs and any form of display of affection that involves touching a colleague/collaborator.

The company administrator will take care to print and place posters in the premises reminding the main rules of protection against Covid-19.

If a team member has been infected (confirmed positive by RT/PCR test) all those who have come into contact with them are obliged to self-isolate for 14 days and contact their GP. Having been in contact with an infected person means having been within the last 14

days at a distance of less than 2 metres for more than 10 minutes in the presence of that person.

The above rules are in addition to the rules of internal order of BT Production SRL and are valid during the alert state for persons working in the office.