If you can imagine it, we can produce it. Our design services have been developed and perfected over years of experience: from bespoke packaging to commercial furniture and branding for retail spaces, we offer design services and complete solutions.

Packaging Design

Packaging matters. It creates first impressions in a second. From standard packaging to custom packaging, we design every type of packaging.

Floor Stand Design

The floor stand is a powerful marketing tool because of its versatility. Placed near the shelf or in high traffic areas, it delivers relevant messages quickly and ensures good visibility of your products. We build floor stands that anchor your brand in your customers' attention.

Counter Display Design

We design counter displays that turn waiting time at the checkout into a visually engaging experience for customers and useful for your brand.

POSM Design

POSMs are advertising materials, usually placed in-door, POSMs promote the product through special signage at the shelf. The possibilities offered by POSMs are endless and our design services cater to any shape, colour and size requirements.

Commercial Furniture Design

Commercial furniture, unlike residential furniture, performs different functions simultaneously: design and commercial utility. The details of the furniture can highlight the details of the product. When we design commercial furniture, we pay particular attention to both aesthetics and functionality.

Expo Stand Design

Exhibition stands draw attention to your brand identity and present your products in a unique way. The look of the exhibition stand is very important, and our team has the expertise to design an exhibition stand from high quality materials, with a unique design, specifically designed to highlight the value of your products and brand identity.

Design of Islands and Sampling Tables

The experience of tasting a product can be enhanced by the layout of the table or island to which the customer is invited. We design islands and sampling tables with attention to every detail.

Branding Commercial Spaces

The phrase "the sky is the limit" perfectly sums up what branding commercial spaces offer. The possibilities for promotion are endless with branding, as the consumer is quickly exposed to your brand's relevant and differentiating messages. Our experience in the field means delivering the most effective solutions to promote your brand in terms of quality, cost and time.