Quality, environment, SSM policy


We are convinced that our company will be able to maintain its winning position in the long term if our actions respect the common interest of all stakeholders.

This means that we must comply with legislation and conduct our business in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. At the same time, we must take into account the perspectives and opinions of our stakeholders.

That is why we are determined to protect the health of our employees at work, the environment and to operate to a high quality standard.

Through well-developed environmental, occupational health and safety and quality management programmes, we aim to achieve our objectives.

To this end we are committed to:

Continuously improve the quality of our services Meet all applicable requirements;

Meet all compliance obligations;

Train our employees and collaborators on quality of service, environmental protection, HSE and applicable legal requirements;

Protect the environment, including preventing pollution;

Continuously improve working conditions by minimizing or eliminating risks, accidents and occupational diseases for our own employees and collaborators;

Continuously improve the integrated quality-environment-SMS management system in order to increase performance.

In order to implement the above, we maintain and continuously improve an integrated quality-environment-SMS management system in accordance with the requirements of SR EN ISO 9001:2015, SR EN ISO 14001:2015 and SR ISO 45001:2018.

This policy is appropriate to the purpose and context of the organisation, including the nature, extent and environmental and ssm impacts of our activities and services.

This policy supports the strategic direction and provides the overall framework for setting specific objectives related to quality, environment and hsm.

It is communicated within the organisation and made available to stakeholders through this document, which we review annually, amend or adapt continuously to make it appropriate to our business.

In order to implement this policy we will allocate all necessary human and material resources, ensure that it is understood and applied by all our employees, who have a duty to act in the spirit of this policy.

Code: POLICY, Ed. 5 / 15.01.2021