DTP & Prepress

DTP & Prepress

DTP services are all about creating the perfect visual composition and achieving maximum quality of advertising materials to be printed. We check, proofread, edit and make sure everything is perfect before we press the print button.

Our team of graphic designers, designers and copy editors carefully check all materials and make the necessary changes, when or if needed, regardless of the channel for which we prepare the materials: online or offline.

Text Processing

In this category of services, we work on the visual quality, sizing and positioning of graphic elements (text and images) in a composition. The material will thus be adapted and prepared for publication on the desired media channel, whether online or offline.

Editing and proofreading of print documents

When you choose to print any type of product with our help, you automatically benefit from the preparation of materials for printing, regardless of the print run. This includes editing and proofreading of documents to be printed.

Scanning and Image Processing

Attention to detail and prioritisation of material quality also includes scanning and processing of existing images in physical format only. After scanning, images are retouched to achieve the desired clarity and quality. The service can also be accessed for scanning and processing old photos.