Large prints – the ideal option for large-scale exposure

Printurile de mari dimensiuni - opțiunea ideală pentru promovare la scară mare

You’re on your way to the office or to another activity, you are on the street and in front of your eyes appears a huge advertising board of a popular brand or perhaps of one you have not heard of before. You spend a few seconds reading the message and studying the logo and the colors. Hasn’t this happened to you at least once? A large print, placed in a crowded area, successfully used by a company as a marketing tool just caught your attention.

Large print promotion has become increasingly popular in branding and advertising strategies because it quickly reaches the widest possible audience. The reason is simple! You have it in front of your eyes, no one is forcing you to look at it and yet you do. The very big impact is given first by the large dimensions.

In the variety of services and advertising production available at BT Production, you can also find large-sized print, an optimal option for large-scale exposure. This tool ensures large visibility in a very short time.

How are large prints made?

Even in the digital age, large print does its job with excellence. It is visible from a great distance and manages to attract the attention of people than can become potential customers. A well-chosen message, suitable colors and fonts, as well as an interesting logo, will all remain imprinted in the mind of the person who looks at it, whenever they pass by the area where it was placed, whether they are in the car, in the means of transport or on the street, walking.

Large format prints are billboards and banners that promote a product or service and are made with professional, high-quality tools by BT Production specialists.

We use only UV-resistant ink and print on any type of material, such as:

  • Paper
  • Textiles
  • Polypropylene
  • Solid PVC boards
  • Wooden boards
  • Polyplane
  • Sticker
  • Glass
  • Bond
  • Mesh

We also make finishes on large prints so that they can be customized and adapted to the wishes and needs of your project:

  • Cut to contour
  • Selective varnishing
  • Lamination
  • Thermoforming
  • Bonding, Stapling
  • Case hardening

Large prints – advantages

Large print promotion comes with numerous advantages in terms of brand visibility and building brand awareness. In general, outdoor advertising reaches a very large number of potential customers and provides permanent exposure. Consider that dozens, maybe hundreds of people are constantly passing by a very large banner placed in a crowded area.

This large format tool has the ability to provide a brand new and creative approach to reach consumers quickly and efficiently.

So, among the main advantages of large prints we mention:

  • They attract the attention of many potential customers
  • It ensures brand exposure on a large scale
  • It generates brand awareness
  • It is visible from distance
  • It can be customized in numerous ways

A large print tool becomes the ideal option for large-scale promotion. At BT Production, we guarantee you top quality services. For any question regarding the process of making a large print – from creation to production – we are always at your disposal. Contact us!


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