Advertising rooftops can ensure your brand a top position compared to regular ads

Rooftop-urile publicitare

When you hear about a brand, you can associate it with a billboard, a light box or a banner that you pass by every day, right? Outdoor advertising continues to have effects in the subconscious of consumers and that’s because it’s the human nature to remember images, colors, texts and other graphic elements. Of all the methods of outdoor promotion of a brand, advertising rooftops may be the easiest to remember. The reason? They are placed high up, have very large dimensions and are visible from several angles.

Particularly suitable for brand awareness campaigns, rooftops have a precise purpose – to maintain the image of your brand in the collective memory, thus giving it permanent visibility and, of course, notoriety in the market. The more a consumer comes into contact with a well-made advertising product (for example, sees an advertising rooftop every day on the way to work), the more accurate the ability to identify it will be.

How to use advertising rooftops?

Promotion through advertising rooftops is an effective form of outdoor marketing and is carried out by placing light boxes or panels on the roofs of buildings. They can only contain the name of a brand, images, messages or visual elements. Advertising rooftops are large objects placed at heights, generally on buildings, that have a very high visual impact.

You are probably wondering if your brand lends itself to being promoted through such a product. The answer is yes. The Rooftop offers very high visibility to an existing product on the market, imposing itself both by size and by location. The visual effect is major for every passerby, whether he is a pedestrian, on public transport or in his own car.

At BT Production we know how important brand awareness is, so we have all kind of services and solutions for advertising production, suitable for the individual project. If you like the idea of exposing your brand in a marketing campaign that includes a rooftop, we put together creative ideas adapted to the needs of your brand, so that they cover visual elements or messages that spread on a large scale. The portfolio of our public production administration includes well-known brands in the market, from different fields of activity, for which we have carried out large-scale projects.

Where should be advertising rooftops placed?

Advertising rooftops can ensure your brand a top position compared to regular ads. Strategically placed, the advertising rooftop not only improves the image in the market, but can also target certain audience segments at the same time. The public will identify and recognize the visuals and then relate them to your brand. Objective reached!


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