Which promotion methods suit your brand?

Visibility is an essential factor for any brand, starting from the moment of launch. In order to be visible, a brand needs to reach its target audience, and the most effective way to become known is through advertising materials, online or offline. On first contact with a brand, we already intuit the creative forms through which it is represented. In order for the brand to have a striking and memorable presence, it needs to be promoted through multiple means: the logo that captures its essence and value, the design of the product packaging, the floor stand that makes it stand out or even exhibition stands. The choice of advertising promotion means takes into account specific details but also the brand vision.

Methods of building a brand image

Your brand image determines how your business is perceived – either online or through traditional marketing media. That’s why branding strategies play a crucial role in the success of a business and in shaping the footprint it leaves in the industry it belongs to. The more strongly your brand image represents your company’s mission, the more likely you are to achieve the goals you have set for your business development.
Brand image can have a direct impact on success in many ways: from being able to attract the right customers, to becoming truly visible and building a brand that lasts. A strong brand image can thus transform your business, so it’s important to choose the right means by which you can become not just visible, but memorable to your current and future customers.
One example of a branding strategy used by many companies that has proven effective is the use of promotional products. The advantages of this strategy, outlined by the American Marketing Association, are:

  • 65% of advertisers say that promotional products are very effective when it comes to brand recall (the extent to which the consumer of a product remembers the name of the brand to which that product belongs).
  • 88% of marketers recommend promotional products.

How to get the best results with the right advertising media

To generate the results you want for your business, you need inspired branding strategies that are appropriate for the products and services your company offers. That’s why it’s important to implement the right forms of branding. And for this, an advertising production company can help you identify the creative ways in which your brand can be represented. You need design services that turn your brand into a striking presence through multiple touch points. Whether we’re talking about counter displays, logos or various printed materials, an advertising production company that offers quality services will provide you with varied and effective means by which your brand can become not only recognisable but also memorable.

Alongside design – or the stage where the most appropriate forms of brand representation are identified – BT Production’s services also include the production of printed materials, which perform a vital function for most companies. They can be an effective means of promoting a service or product.

What rules to follow to improve your brand image

Regardless of a company’s scale, a brand’s image needs to be constantly improved. Here are some branding techniques that work best:

  1. Look at your brand as a magnet! Through your brand, you express who you are in a way that is designed specifically for your company’s target audience, so that you not only attract customers, but also make them stay close to you.
  2. Be consistent in your branding process! If you create your brand in a certain way, stay true to the original idea. Your choices of colour, shape and text will subconsciously communicate a lot about your company.
  3. If you’re just starting out, make a good first impression! It’s important to properly assess what your company offers and focus from this perspective on the right promotional strategies.


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